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forming lives

Vision Statement

To facilitate spiritual, social and emotional growth for youth in Colombia by building, mentoring, and training. 

Mission Statement

To see Christ, transform lives and provide a hope for the better future by building a Coliseum (recreation center and school) in Santa Cecelia, a rural community above Bogota, Colombia aimed at improving the quality of life for children, teenagers, and young adults with opportunities for advancement and the ability to empower the next generation.

There are several ways to help us! Be a hero and help us empower the next generation. Learn more about how you can help: 

give now

Forming Lives Foundation’s vision is to provide a Coliseum (recreation center and school) where the youths in Santa Cecelia, Colombia can develop their quality of life: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. 

provide hope, dreams & transformation for Colombian youth

Help us reach our goal of $450,000

coliseum project

We aim to uplift Santa Cecilia, Colombia, a 10,000-strong underprivileged mountain community. Our plan: Construct a recreation center and school to empower over 150 children with education, mentorship, and life-improvement programs, breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering social development.

godparent plan

The Forming Lives Foundation's Godparent Plan lets you sponsor a child for a holistic Christian education, covering food, tutoring, spiritual growth, talent recognition, music lessons, and entrepreneurship.

Join us in changing lives! Our after-school program provides a safe haven filled with transformative love. Become a Godparent today and be a part of their life-changing journey.

lancheros bags

When you buy a bag you provide hope and support for the women and teenagers in Santa Cecilia, Colombia. The monies from selling these bags go back to these Colombian women.


We believe that every child deserves the comfort and dignity that a pair of shoes can bring.

Alexandra Martinez

This is definitely the place for my daughter to grow as she has the opportunity to know the Lord as so many other children,  more will have the same opportunity with the addition of the Coliseum.



The Coliseum is necessary.  The number of participants, both in the foundation and in the church, have grown.  Thus, there is not enough space.  The Coliseum will have the capacity to address the increase and reach all the children in the community so they may know the love of God.


Juan Daniel

Personally, I want to graduate with a degree in engineering and use what I  learn to help build the Coliseum. It’s a big project that will help many in this community with work, building a relationship with God, and obtaining an education. This is a great gift from God to His people.

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