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the coliseum project

the land becomes a recreation center

our goals

Progress, thanks to our generous donors!

Forming Lives Foundation is committed to providing a community center where the children and youths in Santa Cecelia, Colombia can develop their quality of life: spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

Project Status

Raised $60,780 as of 12/31/23

Goal is $450,000

2023 Goals

• We completed the stairs that connected the church with the foundation. 

• The construction of the retaining wall was most urgent, since part of the mountain that is attached to our property  collapsed, and we fixed this need.

• We finished the second floor and the roof foundation. 

• Classrooms were painted and wall craft drawings completed.


2024 Goals

• Finish the roof

• Build the walls, tile the halls, and finish the bathroom area.

Complete Arial gym room 

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why does the Colombian community need us?

The Community of Santa Cecilia, Colombia has a population of more than 10,000 people and approximately 6,000 are between the ages of 0-15. They face many of the following issues:

  • Lack of work

  • Low economic resources

  • Malnutrition & food insecurity

  • Limited access to clean water

  • Low graduation rate

  • Unwanted pregnancies, abortions and abuse

  • Violence

  • Drug-Abuse

  • Lack of Spiritual knowledge, and Life principles

mission trip

Join Us! When you step into a foreign mission field, like Colombia, you will sense God's amazing compassion for another culture and you will begin to know his love for the nations. You will encounter His manifest presence as His love touches your heart and that love extends to your neighbor. You become the hands and feet of Jesus to people in desperate need. If you are interested in participating in the next mission trip please Contact us to learn more.

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one heart, one mission

For many lives it is a constant struggle, even today. And our aim is to give their struggle HOPE.

The people of Santa Cecilia, Colombia have been blessed with the natural beauty of the view over the Mountains as their home for many generations.

Unfortunately, many families in Colombia have lost hope for a successful future. They only see the results of poverty, broken families, and loss of jobs. Hope is generated by building the coliseum and sharing God's word and our love with our family in Christ.

On the 2020 Mission Trip the Bakery room and Sewing room where tiled. During the Sunday service and evening services (Mon-Thur) the word was shared on Emotional Healing.

A successful 2022 mission trip to Colombia. Truely the Family of God. Thanks to two new travelers, Abraham from Gracepoint, Justin from Ignite. 

In 2023 we stepped into the newly donated greenhouse from Aguas de Bogota that felt like entering a realm of vibrant colors and life. We laid the foundation for the roof of the recreation center. The sounds of purposeful work and shared dreams echoed around us. HOPE, DREAMS and TRANSFORMATION.

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