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The Builders for Colombia

By Frank Toth and Holden Texel

In 2015 we went on a Mission trip to Colombia, and were tasked with building a home for a family of six (6). The houses in Columbia are not like houses in the U.S,, and they are pre-fabricated.

The team of 10 volunteers first built the foundation by grading out the area then building a slab to support the house. The house is made up of concrete slabs that were

assembled on site. A corrugated roof was placed on the slabs and then the interior was finished. We started by running electric wires for the outlets and light switches, and then installed water lines for the bathroom and kitchen. We installed a shower and toilet for the bathroom. We ran drain lines and hooked up the gas line for the kitchen, and completed the house by painting the inside.

In 2016 we built another home for a family of three (3) orphans. The process was the same as described above.

In 2017 we built a road out of paving blocks in front of the church. To start this, we had to level off the surface then lay the blocks then place sand in between the paver blocks.

In 2020 we helped with the floors of the bakery and sewing room. We first installed blocks on the floor for a base then tiled the floors. We also tiles the walls of the bakery and sewing room.

In 2022 we prepped the floor for the office and tiled the floor. We then tiled the hall wall on the 2nd floor of the classrooms. We installed lighting in 3 classrooms. We also poured concrete for floor supports for the 3rd floor of the classrooms, then helped build a retaining wall for the classrooms.

We can't wait for 2023 to see what we will be doing to continue helping build the Coliseum!


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