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World Refugee Day

Colombia has received over 1.1 million refugees from Venezuela. To commemorate today, here are the stories of two refugees who receive services from Forming Lives Foundation. Because of the generous support from people like you, these refugees from Venezuela have been able to restart their lives in Santa Cecilia.

Alexandra Martinez Testimony

" I had recently arrived from Venezuela and I needed to feed my two year old daughter and myself. Rosario, a neighbor, told me about the soup kitchen at the foundation where I would be able to get the help I needed."

"Since I needed further help, as I was alone with my daughter, Pastor Lucy gave me a job in the kitchen. It started out as a temporary job and now I am a full-time employee working Mon-Fri 9am-6:30pm serving lunch and dinner to the children in the after-school program and attending to the kitchen. Now, I am getting to know God. I am receiving the love of God through the Pastor and her teachings. I do attend the church services when I can, but the hope is to come on a regular basis."

"I want my daughter to have a healthy and spiritual life; the Foundation is a place where she can get feed both physically and spiritually. This is definitely the place for her to grow as she has the opportunity to know the Lord as so many other children currently have and more will have with the addition of the Coliseum."


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