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The impact of the Coronavirus on the families of Santa Cecilia.

Our prayers are with the people of the world, as we face this time of unprecedented crisis. At the time of the mission trip, the coronavirus had not yet impacted the Santa Cecilia community. As of March 26, 2020, 470 cases in Colombia have been confirmed. The country entered a national quarantine on March 24, 2020 .

Pastor Lucy has provided us with an update on how the coronavirus quarantine will impact the work of the Foundation: It will totally affect us, since there is no one to care for the children in the after school program. Our challenge is to get resources from friends, families and donors to provide food to the families during this period since the children were offered food at the foundation. The tutoring will be provided at the homes. As for the Coliseum, construction has come to a halt.”

We will keep you posted on how the situation develops - and how you can help get the much needed resources of food to our families in Santa Cecilia!

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