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Helping Child Refugees from Venezuela: Bray's Story

Bray and his siblings are some of the hundreds of children who come to Fundacion Formavida. Bray is a regular participant in our after-school program, where he receives tutoring, practices sports, and can enjoy his childhood with other kids in a safe place. Bray is also a refugee of the Venezuelan crisis; he and his four siblings were forced to migrate to Colombia, as they knew this would ensure their survival. Because of the community center and its programs, we give children like Bray a place to belong, so he can learn, build friendships, and discover new knowledge. We at Forming Life Foundation in partnership with Forma Vida are helping Bray and his family grow and overcome the adversities in their lives. They have found a new family and community, and their lives are being positively impacted through our programs.You can be apart of Bray’s story.Join us 2020, as we journey to Santa Cecilia, Colombia and help the community with Phase 2 of the construction project. Volunteers will work with the people of Santa Cecilia, as they clean the grounds and add classrooms to the community center.


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