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Celebrating 5 Years This Week!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

August 29th was the official date that Forming Lives Foundation was established. Your donations during these 5 years continue to create new opportunities for the families of Santa Cecilia! Formipan

Micaela is apart of Project Dicoco, an entrepreneurship program teaching women how design, sew and sell clothing. The project helps the women learn a sense of ownership for the business enterprise, while also giving them a valuable skill to earn wages for themselves and their families. Your donations have provided the sewing machines, materials, and more necessities for them to manage Project Dicoco!

Alejandro & Jeison are two of many youth receiving bakery training at Formipan. By learning these skills, they have different alternative from the crime that many youth turn to out of financial desperation. Your donations are an investment in the futures of these youth. With your financial contributions, Fundacion Formavida is able to provide bread ingredients, ovens, kitchen supplies and more for these youth to continue bakery skills!

Your contributions and support have helped Fundacion Formavida accomplish so much. In addition to creating these two social enterprises, the Coliseum also provides food to families, in addition to spiritual & educational tutoring to dozens of children. Watch the video to see the Coliseum, children and families of Santa Cecilia in 2021!


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