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A Letter from Pastor Lucy

Hello friends of Fundacion Formavida!

It is with great joy that I provide you with an update on the work we are doing here in Santa Cecilia. We have welcomed more children to the community center. As of August, 2019, we have a total of 120 children and youth who are regular participants. Thanks to the help of Forming Lives Foundation (FLF) and our donors, the children now have access to sports activities. My husband, Pastor Ricky, has worked intensely to improve the communal spaces at the community center by adding two new classrooms. We now have additional space to provide Bible classes, tutoring, and training workshops. Next, we plan to add baking training for the bakery that will be built in 2020. This will allow our children to learn life skills to work and support themselves later in life.

With continued donations from our supporters in the USA, we will expand the community space to add sleeping quarters for those who are in difficult living circumstances. We want to provide a place for these people to sleep overnight. Unfortunately, our funds are becoming more and more limited, as the number of children and teens who need our programs are growing. We're grateful for the past contributions, and look forward to the future, so that we can continue the work of helping the community of Santa Cecilia.

We give thanks to God for the people like you who are a part of this ministry and who together work with us for the kingdom to glorify God. We send all of our generous supporters greetings, and hope to soon enjoy the prosperity of this new work.

With Gratitude,

Pastor Lucy

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