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A Journey Towards God's Dream

Letter from Angie Hanlon-Toth, Forming Lives Foundation President.

"As I read, Hark “The Voice of Jesus Calling" by Daniel March, I once again felt a tugging at my heart. It was the voice of Jesus calling, "Who will go and work today? Loud and long the master calls you; Who will answer, gladly saying, 'Here am I. Send me, send me.' " Those words…they resonated with me. This was in 2013, when God placed a dream in my heart - His dream. Back then, I wasn’t even thinking about what I could do for God’s kingdom. I wasn’t far enough along in my spiritual journey to question it. I just knew I felt a stirring inside. Something in me wanted to say, “Send me!” I believe that’s where a God-sized dream begins—with God capturing your heart and placing a dream within. I didn’t understand it then, and I didn’t know what God planned, but I see now that’s when He started capturing my heart. He was drawing me closer to Him and His desires for me.

I now look back at the beginning of the journey He that started in May of 2013, when I joined a mission trip to Bogota, Colombia. It was a trip that I would not forget. On a cold, rainy evening, we drove up a curving mountain road to visit the town of Santa Cecilia. I can’t explain why, but my heart was instantly captured - not by the muddy road or the wild dogs running around, not by the cold empty frame of a building with a grey cement floor, or even by the view from the high mountain top. heart was captured by the dream shared by Pastor Lucy and Pastor Ricky: building a community of faith that would provide spiritual, emotional and physical transformation to the people living in Santa Cecilia. "

Do you want to join us and the people of Santa Cecilia, as we journey forward together in realizing God's plan? Consider traveling on our 2020 mission trip, or donate here. Any amount you donate helps!


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