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2022 Colombia Mission Update

From Angie, Executive Director:

"For me, this mission trip was about brining two new travelers, Abraham and Justin, and seeing Colombia, Forming Lives (Fundación Formavida) through their eyes. It was like being here for the first time all over again. This trip was about relationships and hearing people’s stories. It was a delight to see the new traveler’s expression when Pastor Lucy told the story of how she had been called by God to the mountains of Santa Cecilia. The excitement of God’s vision given to Pastor Lucy which touched my heart in 2013 now captured new hearts.

Justin and Abraham especially build relationships with the young adults as they opened up to each other and shared their stories.

The theme of the week was, “The Family of God.” Lucy Texel had prepared daily lessons for the teachers in Colombia to make their own and instruct the children in the after-school program who actively participated in the learning and activities.

It was a powerful experience as we see a family forming in a brief period of time. We

experienced God’s love being shared with our new neighbors. It’s seeing lives transformation that will have an everlasting impact. To see people from diverse cultures come together for God’s purpose to develop the next generation who will serve God was Amazing. It was truly the Family of God coming together as one, a piece of heaven on earth. We were the picture of God’s love.

Living out our mission propels us to new action, new dreams, new destinies. For me, it was about sharing God’s word in a way that brought believers one step closer to God their Father understanding, “God’s Grace in the Gap.” There are many single parent homes in the community of Santa Cecilia, single mothers working and raising their children.

Yes, they are broken families, but they indeed have the grace of God.

God is our dear Father, and we can call him, Abba Father because we are not orphans. Yes, we all have an upper room in our mind and heart where we can be with our father who chose us and adopted us."


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