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The plan is that the children will be able to dream and work toward a future with opportunity for advancement. The emotional impact of the plan is hope.

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Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

Forming Lives Foundation  is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, as of August 2016, focusing its efforts on creating and implementing projects aimed at improving the community of Santa Cecilia, Colombia.  Our first project is building a recreation center and a school for the community of Santa Cecilia, Colombia, "The Coliseum." There are no parks in Santa Cecilia, and the children have to travel to the city of Bogota to attend school, therefore, the Coliseum is essential and will have a great impact.  The Coliseum will promote social formation by creating and implementing projects aimed at improving the quality of life for children, adolescents, teenagers and adults.





To see Christ impact lives and communities from Santa Cecilia, Colombia and beyond with spiritual and developmental change. 


To facilitate educational programs by building, mentoring, and training.


We affirm God's purpose through honesty, love, respect, and teamwork.

  • Honesty: we express beliefs, ideas, and opinions in a truthful, sincere and frank manner.

  • Love: we show a genuine concern for the good of others, with unselfish acts of kindness, such as, compassion, caring, thoughtfulness, service, humanitarian and noble actions.

  • Respect: we will appreciate the diversity of our team and recognize each of us can bring a unique prospective.

  • Teamwork: we align ourselves to the mission of the organization and promote a spirit of cooperation. We share resources ad help each other solve problems.  We trust and depend on one another and God as our ultimate source and friend.


Committed to Making a Difference

Our History

Our hearts were captured by the dream shared by Pastora Lucy and Pastor Ricky, to build a community that would create spiritual, emotional and physical transformation to the people living in Santa Cecilia.  YES, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Executive Committee

Angie Hanlon-Toth, President

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, Angie moved to Rockland County in September 1999. She went on a mission trip to Bogota, Colombia with a team from Risen King Alliance Church (RKAC) in May 2013, a trip that she was not going to shortly forget. Her heart was captured by the dream to build a community that would provide spiritual, emotional and physical transformation to the people living in Santa Cecilia. As a response to the call of God for missionary service and a commitment to transform lives, she travels to Colombia yearly with her husband Frank Toth to partner with the Lord in His work.

Jamel Patterson, Director

Dr. Patterson has held leadership roles in outreach ministries, as she follows her passion to work with the indigent. She has been involved with missions in Africa, South America, the Caribbean and health fairs in the United States. Dr. Patterson also gives talks to high school students, encouraging careers in healthcare. The call to serve the poor and needy is a mandate from the Lord, and it has become the cry of Dr. Patterson’s heart. Her spiritual growth comes from her involvement in her church and the ministries at home and abroad.

Laura Angélica Rodríguez Lancheros, Secretary

Laura grew up in Bogota, Colombia with her family where she attended Fundacion  Universitaria Monserrate to study Social Work.  She is a key member of the Formavida ministry in Colombia where she supports the children and God's plan for their future.  She is a graduate of the Alliance Theological Seminary in Rockland County with her Masters in Intercultural Studies. 



Stephanie M. Hernandez

Northwest Assistance Ministries

Digital Communications Specialist

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T & T Renovations

Frank Toth

T & T Renovations


The land becomes a recreation center

Want to learn more about our plans? Get in touch with us today!


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mission trip:When you step into a foreign mission field, like Colombia, you will sense God's amazing compassion for another culture and you will begin to know his love for the nations. You will encounter His manifest presence as His love touches your heart and that love extends to your neighbor. You become the hands and feet of Jesus to people in desperate need.

join us on our next short term mission trip in March 2022





For many lives it is a constant struggle, even today. And our aim is to give their struggle HOPE.

The people of Santa Cecilia, Colombia have been blessed with the natural beauty of the view over the Mountains as their home for many generations.

Unfortunately, many families in Colombia have lost hope for a successful future. They only see the results of poverty, broken families, and loss of jobs. Hope is generated by building the coliseum and sharing God's word and our love with our family in Christ.

On the 2020 Mission Trip the Bakery room and Sewing room where tiled. During the Sunday service and evening services (Mon-Thur) the word was shared on Emotional Healing.


Mission Trip 2020

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 2020 Second floor foundation...

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Alexandra Martinez

This is definitely the place for my daughter to grow as she has the opportunity to know the Lord as so many other children,  more will have the same opportunity with the addition of the Coliseum.


The Coliseum is necessary.  The number of participants, both in the foundation and in the church, have grown.  Thus, there is not enough space.  The Coliseum will have the capacity to address the increase and reach all the children in the community so they may know the love of God.

Juan Daniel

Personally, I want to graduate with a degree in Engineering, and use what I  learn to help build the Coliseum. It’s a big project that will help many in this community with work, building a relationship with God, and obtaining an education. This is a great gift from God to His people.

In the Summer of 2019 classrooms were build for the children



In 2018 a court was built on the purchased land in Santa Cecilia, Colombia. Now the children have a place to play sports while attending the after-school program. Forming Lives Foundation will continue to support the work being done to build the entire recreation center 








Mission Trip August 16-23, 2017

                                  The mission team visited Santa Cecilia, Colombia to discover that a construction                                                   company donated over 20,000 bricks to help with building the   Coliseum                                                             the team assisted  in using some of the bricks to construct a road                                                                           in front of the Alliance church. (See pictures in Gallery below).








Recreation Center






  • After much prayer, God has directed the Foundacion FORMAVIDA to develop a new strategy that allows the youth and young adults from the community to have a place where they can use their free time to develop and foster the talents God has given them.

  • This project will consist of the construction of a multi-purpose space which includes multi-use athletic courts, a daycare center, AND a multi-use covered gym to play basketball, soccer, and volleyball with the idea of adding classrooms  and Christian school in the future.

  • To do this we are proposing the following phases:

    • 1. First Phase: AQUISITION OF THE LAND:  a. Buy the land b. Study the topography c. Define plans d. Obtain a construction license

    • 2. Second Phase: FIRST CONSTUCTION:  a. Level the land b. Build the foundation c. Build the structure d. Level and build the parking lot e. Build walls to prevent landslides

    • 3. Third Phase: SECOND CONSTRUCTION: a. Walls and columns of center b. Bleachers c. Roof d. Lighting We are looking for partnerships, churches, organizations, schools, families, and individuals who believe that this is possible.

  • We need people who want to support us in prayer, physically and financially! We appreciate and value your consideration

  • God bless you!


   OASIS:  An after school program for kids and teens to receive a holistic Christian education that includes spiritual development,       tuitoring and special activities.

  DICOCO:  Women and teens learn how to trace, cut and sew cloths helping them develop talents that God has gven them and it     encourages them to be entrepreneurs.

  HAND CRAFT FOR LIVE:  Mothers and youths identify, develop and enhance skills as they crochet bags, wallets and bracelets.




Forming Lives Foundation is committed to providing a community center where individuals and families in Santa Cecelia, Colombia can develop their quality of life: spiritually, intellectually and physically.

Thanks to our Generous Donors
 Project Status

 *Raised $30,700 as of 1/1/2021

* Paid back loan for the first land: $16,000 

With your support and contributions in Colombia we have completed the payment of the first land.

 *  Land Deed: $ 800  

Although this step was not mentioned in the original budget, without this there can not be construction license)


 * Topographic survey $ 600 

The actual cost was $200 more expensive than expecting

* Bakery and DiCoco Store Front with back Sewing Room Second Floor foundation for more classrooms $10,300

For these section of the project FORMAVIDA has collected the extra $6,000 has being through different events within the community, and other local donors. 






        Donations YTD

The Colombia Comunity

Making a Difference

The Community of Santa Cecilia, Colombia has a population of more than 10,000 people and approximately 6,000 are between the ages of 0-15. They face many of the following issues:

  • Lack of work

  • Low economic resources

  • Malnutrition & learning disabilities

  • School drop-out

  • Unwanted pregnancies, abortions and abuse

  • Violence

  • Drug-Abuse

  • Lack of Spiritual knowledge, and Life principles



 New City, NY, USA

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