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Why Volunteer on The Mission? Read Randy's Story

What are some of the ways work of a volunteer impacts the Santa Cecilia Community? During my first mission trip I took was with Angie and her team to Saint Cecilia, we built a house for a group of three kids that were recently left with out parents after their mom passed away from cancer. Pastors Lucy and Ricky from the Fundacion Formavida Church in Saint Cecilia promised the mother that they would construct this home, so that all three kids could stay together and still be a family. The team of workers stayed at the church during the construction of this house since it was within walking distance of the church

Randy and a fellow volunteer painting the house for the children

The work was very hard, but extremely rewarding in several ways. I saw the impact that the Fundacion Formavida church is making in this community. The community has several social problems: There are many single parents with kids living in a very poor living conditions where alcoholism, drugs, and gangs were rampant in the community. The church is Christ’s light in this community, and they share His love to these kids, giving them a choice to better themselves rather than to fall into the vices and despair of these social issues. The Fundacion Formavida church provides breakfast, lunch and dinner to these kids. They help them with their homework and show interest in how they are doing in school to affirm their education. Most importantly, they love them by spending time with them teaching, playing, and praying with them. All of this love is has a powerful impact on these kids. I saw this first hand on the first day of construction.

What is the was the volunteer experience like? The team had a difficult trip to get to Saint Cecilia and did not get much sleep prior to the first day of construction, which was pouring the foundation of the house. All the materials had to be hand carried down a hill to the site. By lunch time, the team was exhausted and it did not look like we would get the foundation completed which was critical to the schedule since the concrete needed time to dry prior to building the house. Looking at the team and how much progress we made, I did not think it was possible to complete the foundation. However, after lunch, God had this covered. All the kids in the community showed up to help us. They worked tirelessly along side us and tackled much of the hard work, moving the concrete down the hill. By the end of the day the foundation was poured. It was truly a miracle but it showed how much the kids in this community love what the Fundacion Formavida Church in Saint Cecilia are doing for them. The kids appreciated the opportunity to give the love that they were receiving back to the church by helping with this project. It was great seeing God at work, and a good reminder when you are at your end of your limitations, God can provide."

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In the Summer of 2019 classrooms were build for the children




In 2018 a court was built on the purchased land in Santa Cecilia, Colombia. Now the children have a place to play sports while attending the after-school program. Forming Lives Foundation will continue to support the work being done to build the entire recreation center 








Mission Trip August 16-23, 2017

                                  The mission team visited Santa Cecilia, Colombia to discover that a construction                                                   company donated over 20,000 bricks to help with building the   Coliseum                                                             the team assisted  in using some of the bricks to construct a road                                                                           in front of the Alliance church. (See pictures in Gallery below).








Recreation Center






  • After much prayer, God has directed the Foundacion FORMAVIDA to develop a new strategy that allows the youth and young adults from the community to have a place where they can use their free time to develop and foster the talents God has given them.

  • This project will consist of the construction of a multi-purpose space which includes multi-use athletic courts, a daycare center, AND a multi-use covered gym to play basketball, soccer, and volleyball with the idea of adding classrooms  and Christian school in the future.

  • To do this we are proposing the following phases:

    • 1. First Phase: AQUISITION OF THE LAND:  a. Buy the land b. Study the topography c. Define plans d. Obtain a construction license

    • 2. Second Phase: FIRST CONSTUCTION:  a. Level the land b. Build the foundation c. Build the structure d. Level and build the parking lot e. Build walls to prevent landslides

    • 3. Third Phase: SECOND CONSTRUCTION: a. Walls and columns of center b. Bleachers c. Roof d. Lighting We are looking for partnerships, churches, organizations, schools, families, and individuals who believe that this is possible.

  • We need people who want to support us in prayer, physically and financially! We appreciate and value your consideration

  • God bless you!


   OASIS:  An after school program for kids and teens to receive a holistic Christian education that includes spiritual development,       tuitoring and special activities.

  DICOCO:  Women and teens learn how to trace, cut and sew cloths helping them develop talents that God has gven them and it     encourages them to be entrepreneurs.

  HAND CRAFT FOR LIVE:  Mothers and youths identify, develop and enhance skills as they crochet bags, wallets and bracelets.




Forming Lives Foundation is committed to providing a community center where individuals and families in Santa Cecelia, Colombia can develop their quality of life: spiritually, intellectually and physically.

Thanks to our Generous Donors
 Project Status

 *Raised $30,700 as of 1/1/2021

* Paid back loan for the first land: $16,000 

With your support and contributions in Colombia we have completed the payment of the first land.

 *  Land Deed: $ 800  

Although this step was not mentioned in the original budget, without this there can not be construction license)


 * Topographic survey $ 600 

The actual cost was $200 more expensive than expecting

* Bakery and DiCoco Store Front with back Sewing Room Second Floor foundation for more classrooms $10,300

For these section of the project FORMAVIDA has collected the extra $6,000 has being through different events within the community, and other local donors. 






        Donations YTD

The Colombia Comunity

Making a Difference

The Community of Santa Cecilia, Colombia has a population of more than 10,000 people and approximately 6,000 are between the ages of 0-15. They face many of the following issues:

  • Lack of work

  • Low economic resources

  • Malnutrition & learning disabilities

  • School drop-out

  • Unwanted pregnancies, abortions and abuse

  • Violence

  • Drug-Abuse

  • Lack of Spiritual knowledge, and Life principles